What is A A?


Alcoholic Anonymous, an organization established to help people recover from alcoholism through 12 steps and spirituality.

A A is a program for people who cannot handle their drinking.

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The most commonly used type of battery

Hey, You got two A A batteries for my torch? I think its ran out of power!

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The bra size for women that don't need bras

-Look at the bee stings on her

-Yeah probably wears an A A

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A massive, court mandated, religious organization. Used by the United States legal system to 'help' alcoholics, but really sentencing them to 12 steps of self-loathing and christian brain-washing.

"Bob got a D.U.I. and had to go to A A, now he's a sniveling douchebag."

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Attracting Attention AA

You see someone walking the street in lime green dress and hot pink stillettos, you'll say, "Look at her. She's so A A"

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