The LARGEST dictionary of English Slang. is a dictionary of English Slang. Here you can find a large collection of English Slang Words, expressions and phrases with their meanings and definitions, audio pronunciations and sentence examples.

The soul purpose of this site is to educate and enlarge ones vocabulary. Many of the words and phrases may and will sound vulgar, that is why we urge you to use them carefully, at appropriate time and place. Do not use them if you don't understand the meaning.

We believe that all languages are beautiful, fluid and in constant process of evolution. The language that we speak is the reflection of our mind which tends to grow. Feel free to add or update your Word or Slang Expression.

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1. The loyal, dedicated fans of Avenged Sevenfold. A fan who will always stay true to the band through thick and thin, whether they be a ne..
1. Piece of Shit Full of Crap, to define the a mountain of crap, from which being a piece of shit aint good enough. Hey Emily, stop being ..
1. something unsatisfactory. See also bag of shit That car is a right bag of bollocks See shit, bag, bollocks, rubbish..
1. 6'7'' badass with a midget sidekick named Ian M. Josh Zoerhof..
1. Badass Normaly a person with a large penis who occasionally tends to change girlfriends every other week. Hey Stacey, I heard that guy ..
1. When two people making out add razors to the mix. When they french kiss, the razors will cut their tongues and they will be able to feel..