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1. Popular line of cars made by GM since the late 80s, including the Pontiac Grand Prix, Olds Cutlass Supreme, Buick Regal, and Chevrolet L..
1. It is a singular "we" instead of the plural "we". "iu" are the best therefore it retains the singular of ..
1. fingering two girls in a car while sittin in the middle when a girl sits there its know as sittin "bitch" or "skiin"..
1. A man who anally rapes children and dogs. Escapes on BMX bike. That guy jacking it on that cat's back is a Vintage Chromoly See ..
1. a modification of <3 and <33, meaning "with a cherry on top" in addition to the original meanings of <3 and <33, b..
1. omg yezen is the coolest dude at my school i love him so much girl 1:yazen is so cool girl 2:like i know See milad 2. A tall dark a..