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1. n. The top ranking Massachusetts fisherman. Quint from Jaws was a massterbaitor...
1. another way of saying nz or new zealand. also a clothing brand from new zealand dude 1: "Bro, nice Enzed hoodie!" dude 2: &q..
1. An Indian Usually South Indian Krishnan means Lord in the various languages of India makes friends with lots of asians strives to be..
1. the act of doing something quicker than is already being done. "Hey, Babe! I am hurrying home!" reply: "Well get here qu..
1. 1) to defecate 2) to get well by resting, taking antibiotics, or going to the doctor from any type of sickness 1) "Dude, I think ..
1. west coast term. Better then stress but not as good as chronic... or SHITTY ASS CHRONIC or BOMB ASS STRESS can get a 8th for about 10 o..