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1. Vagrant Records is a recording label that only records suck ass emo bands.....Dashboard Confessional , Alkaline Trio, New Amsterdams, am..
1. The feeling you get in your stomach when u consume milk in too quick a time. Simply a heavy feeling in your stomach, with bad cases resu..
1. Yahweezy, or "Yahweezy BBY!" is a term used to describe a teenage child who wants to fit in with a crowd of older kids, but si..
1. A walking vagina big enough to fit hundreds of cocks at the same time. Hey vagina bag, wanna fuck with me and my 16 brothers? See vagi..
1. A Louisiana leftover is when someone takes a crap inside a woman's vagina, puts saran rap over it and lets it ferment for a few mon..
1. A statement with a hint of sarcasm When he says that 'he looks forward to the meeting in Denver', it sounds like starcasm...