The LARGEST dictionary of English Slang. is a dictionary of English Slang. Here you can find a large collection of English Slang Words, expressions and phrases with their meanings and definitions, audio pronunciations and sentence examples.

The soul purpose of this site is to educate and enlarge ones vocabulary. Many of the words and phrases may and will sound vulgar, that is why we urge you to use them carefully, at appropriate time and place. Do not use them if you don't understand the meaning.

We believe that all languages are beautiful, fluid and in constant process of evolution. The language that we speak is the reflection of our mind which tends to grow. Feel free to add or update your Word or Slang Expression.

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1. when you have a big fat wad of money and it looks like you have alot of cash, buts its really all mostly ones and maybe some fives. I b..
1. Like, propsbut related to the skateboarding world, especially old school. Bro1:"Holy shit, Did you just land that Boneless Frontsi..
1. When a girl rubs the crotch of her boyfriend/husband/etc. or herself in the manner that's similar to scratching a turntable. Damn,..
1. Going shopping, and while trying clothes on, realizing how hideously fat you are, yet still buying pants three sizes too small, promisin..
1. if the statement applies to you, admit it or do something about it You are ignoring all the facts. If the shoe fits, wear it. See eat ..
1. when u point and start laughing out loud at someone after reffing to them as pants *points* PAY-NTS! (in gruff voice) See pants, gruff..