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1. when u quavers smell like queef and put you off eating for the rest of your life omfg i have queefy quavers bleuch i'm gonna go th..
1. An epic image board much like 4chan and 7chan. Has a radio (dose not work) and a lot of boards. "We are from the future, and we ar..
1. A frequently used phrase among slack jawed rappers. (I've never met one that wasn't slack jawed) Due to the fact that they..
1. To read this daily from Buffalo, New York, is to engage in a masochism not seen since the onset of self-flagellation. Without question ..
1. A mystical castle keep of folklore and legend. Guarded by the evil werewolves and zombie cats it has never beeen captured or even descr..
1. Supported by the most loyal fans in Rugby League, this team hasn't won anything in millions of years, and probably won't do ei..