What is A Bad Way To Introduce Yourself To A Woman?


Being hastily or overly complementary of either her or yourself.

A bad way to introduce yourself to a woman might include statements like 'Gee, for a fat girl you sure don't sweat much!' or 'Wanna see me lick my eyebrows?'

See suave, debonair, crass, hick


Using a lyric from a song to say hello to a girl, or using a "one liner" that you may have heard in passing.

"Fat bottomed girls make the rockin world go round". Or "Can I have a quarter, because my momma told me to call her when I found the perfect girl". These would be examples of a bad way to introduce yourself to a woman

See pigeon, dork, cheese dick, loser, moron, doofus


Behaving and/or presenting yourself in a false manner...

A bad way to introduce yourself to a woman would be using a cheesy pickup one liner OR attempting to impress a woman through unfounded/untrue exploits and/or achievements

See lying, bragging, pickups, bullshit


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