A Bay Bay

What is A Bay Bay?


A whack song made by hurricane chris.

A bay bay is a stupid phrase...who uses it anyway? Hurricane chris is just a poser rapper who got lucky.

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the worst rap song published in the 21st century. This song sets back the black rights movement by atleast 20 years.

stupid ass niggas in the club a bay bay

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What a dip shit says

homie 1:oh homie G (add more generic urban slang)

homie 2:yes ma home dog

homie 1:look at that fine female

homie 2:hey lets make total asses of ourselves. ya down?

homie 1:sure

both homies together: a bay bay.

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the gayest shit to be played on the radio

Hurricane Chris acts like he's bad ass cuz he sings "a bay bay"

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Song by Huruicane Chris, that many ignorant people mistake for the chant "Hey Baby" but A Bay Bay is actually the nickname of local DJ, Hollyhood Bay Bay, who is part of Hurricane Chris' crew.

"A bay bay this my song turn it up"-since A bay bay is a DJ

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slang for hey baby; something that u say 2 show interest in a hot gurl in the club

made popular by the song A Bay Bay by Hirricane Chris

Damn!!! Look at that hottie! A Bay Bay

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A Bay Bay is a song by Hurricane Chris. He makes it seem like this song is talking about a girl he's trying to "get wit" but he's actually talking to the dj.....

Gay or clever.....I say gay.

When I see a bad bit.. I'm hollerin out a bay bay...

A bay bay thats my song turn it up

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