A Beaver Attempt

What is A Beaver Attempt?


To attempt to give a ladies pleasure parts some horizontal refreshment, only to discover that it is far to hairy and looks like Bob marley in a leglock, thus you calling a taxi and going home.

Bloke in pub: Here mate went for a beaver attempt with this lass last night only to discover i needed to get the council in to trim her bush.

See bush, beaver, oral, pubes


a pathetic attempt at oral sex. (i.e. it was bad)


a failed attempt at getting some.

Gregorious made a beaver attempt on his cousin.

See head, eating, beaver, pussy, oral sex


A burning in the eyes, nose or throat when beginning to go south of the border on a lady.

How did your date go?

ANSWER: I almost had to call hazmat on a beaver attempt!

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