A Bengal

What is A Bengal?


a girl who looks smokin' from far away but upon coming close you see her face and she's ugly.

good jersy, bad helmet i.e. the Bengals.

"Yeah, that girl's a Bengal."

"She looked good from the boat but when we pulled close to the dock I turned around after I saw her face."


derived from the ferocious Bengal tigers, calling someone 'a Bengal' means he/she is fierce; a savage

She can purr like a cat when she is happy but if you rub her on the wrong side, she'll turn in to a Bengal. And when that happens, Scram!

See savage, domestic, ruthless, beast


1. Classy

2. Sexy

3. Good looking

4. Intellectual

5. A Winner

A Bengal is someone who originates from Bangladesh, a country located in South Asia. Bangladesh is a country full of rich culture and history. After enduring years of struggle and hardship, Bengals have become independent, strong and ambitious.

"yo that chick is a bengal.."

"that guy MUST be a bengal, hes soo flyy"

See classy, sexy, winner, intellectual, fly, hot, bangin


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