A Biddy Biddy May

What is A Biddy Biddy May?


Extremely localized late 80's rogers park Chciago Stonerspeak for "are you stoned?"

There are only two proper responses:

ahachna (pronounced a HACH na) meaning, NO, i am not stoned,


A BIDAY MOO (pronounced AYE BIH DAY MOOOOOooo with the mooo drawn out in proportion to ones stonedness) - meaning, yes indeed i am quite stoned.

other acceptable responses might also include details about the degree of stonedness which one has personally achieved or is experiencing.

we have: stoned, meaning, STONED

gargotzed, meaning, quite stoned

x: a biddy biddy may?

y: ahachna! hook a brova up!

x: a biddy biddy may?

y: a bih day moooooooooooooooooooo i am totally gargotzed


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