A Cumby's Run

What is A Cumby's Run?


Long has man desired a temporary escape to a place where all is well and the troubles of the world seem to fade away. I am hear to tell you such place exists. This place is known as Cumberland Farms.

A "cumby's run" is the journey one takes to reach this area of divine sactity. It could be through the woods, via the road, or through your own mind.

The proccess usually takes place when the sun has retreated. There are a set of rules to justify this:

1) A Cumby's Run must take place only after 10:00PM

2) A Cumby's Run must be done with one or more person

3) There are no more rules.

"d00d, i feel like absolute shit right now...what should i do?"

"dude, let's just go on a cumby's run and clear your head a little bit, ya know?"

"what kind of stuff do they have at cumby's?"

"that have 1337 whoopie pies and like breakfast sandwhiches and like alot of poonaney avaliable for everyone!!!"

"yo d00d, you wanna go for a cumby's run now?"

"oh, yeah yeah definitely."

See adventure, journey, experience, food, sanctity, trip


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