A D4

What is A D4?


A person who lives in Dublin 4. They usually where "Abercrombie & Fitch" or "Uggs" or "Holister". They mostly wear expensive desingner brands. They tie there hair up in a messy bun, or backcomb there hair. They also wear "Dubarrys" or also known as "Dubes". They are a type of shoes..kinda look like sailer shoes. They always say "lioke" and "Roish" and "Totally". They are espicially attracted to hot surfer dudes, and are really posh.

And..there are people called D4 wanna-be's. They want to be a D4, they talk, dress and do everything like them..but they don't live in D4. These people usually get slagged.. :-(

Hannah: Lioke hey, roish you totally have to tell me where you bought that Ambercrombie top!

D4: Lioke i got it in Brown Thomas..duh?

Hannah: Oh i want one lioke now!

D4: Ugh..your such a D4 wanna-be.

See d4, lioke, roish, wanna-be


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