A Darien

What is A Darien?


a term used to describe any member of the female gender who displays all physical characteristics of the legendary sea monster, Nessie. A Darien may rise out of the water, putting those around her into a severe state of shock. Her sleek,lithe body and long blonde hair trap her prey while she tickles these victims. Her trainer has taught her how to speak English and how to communicate on a mediocre level. A Darien will also not hesitate to denounce you publicly. Overall, a Darien's intimidating demeanor can only be denounced by her famous opponent, Dumpmaster3000. If you ever run into a Darien, the best thing to do is to encourage her to end all speech and to think about her trainer's latest advice.

a Darien will rise out of the water, scaring her victims as she crawled toward the shore.

See fear, humiliation, sarcasm, lakes, nessie


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