A Deuce

What is A Deuce?


Dropping a Deuce

Spoken to denote "GOING NUMBER TWO" or having a bowel movement.

Hell Red, I'd go but need to run home and drop a deuce real quick alright?

See taking a dump, blowing mud, pinch a loaf


A 1932 ford coupe. Usually made into a hot rod.

Did you see that wicked souped Ford with the suicide doors?

Yeah, It was A DEUCE!

See hot rod, 32, ford, rides


In the sceme of ranking girls...Used primari;ly when ranking on the 1 to 2 sacele ("2" you would f- her, 1 you wouldn't). A deuce is used synominously as a 2.

"Man that blonde is a deuce"

Me: Hey Mike do you think Brian's mom is a deuce?

Mike: NO way she is a one!

See hot, rank, sex, deuce, one, dudes, guys, girls, men, scale, f-


a 22oz beer usually in a glass bottle

im gonna chug A DEUCE tonight.

See beer, alchohol, drinking, drunk


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