A Dirty

What is A Dirty?


a dirty is a joint, blunt, or bowl of weed that is mixed with cocaine.

hey, man, let's smoke a dirty.


A girl who smokes cigarettes and hangs around Junior A Hockey games waiting for players to come out of the dressing room. They then hope they are selected by one of the players for the night. These girls usually do not have names, and are only known as "That Dirty I Fucked." Dirties can be a real "pick-me-up" after a bad game or a loss. Dirties are usually very willing to perform disgusting, yet pleasing sex acts, such as Strawberry Swirl, Inverted Boxcar, Nantucket Surprise, or even a Cincinatti Surprise...followed by a good ol' fashioned Foot Fuck. Sometimes Dirties can be so repulsive they make you do an Inverted Dick, for the most part though, they are God's gift to Hockey Players.

Man, I saw A Dirty that I fucked after the NewMarket game, and she called me by name! How did she get that information?...I spit on her...

See slut, whore, bitch, fuck buddy, dirty whore


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