A Grant Streater

What is A Grant Streater?


Grant Streater(model, bodyboarder, Fashion icon, dj, all round cool ball sack) a name famous for body boarding and neon blonde hair however most recently has become a household name throughout Australia, its meaning may come from one person however it stems to an entire generation of tight jean wearing, blonde fringe, crazy hand action limp wrist kids. just your average homeboys.

used when walking past in the cross, or newport arms "oh there goes a bunch of grant streaters", or when someone is so cool and good looking they are "a grant streater", Also used when there are four or more in a car at one time they are said to be "streetsharking"

grant streater is also slang for pitta bread

"could i get the beef and cheese grant streater"

See streater, pitta, streeter, ball sack


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