A "tommy"

What is A "tommy"?


also a name for a machine gun

Damn near got killed by a man with a TOMMY Gun

See cat


A "Tommy" is a British soldier. The Krauts used to call'em that during WW1/WW2. "Tommy Atkins" was supposed to be a typical British name.

"ACHTUNG!! Tommys are attacking!


British soldiers have long been know as Tommies because when pay books were 1st issued in 1812 during the Peninsula campaign, soldiers were shown an example pay book in the name shown below:

Private Thomas (Tommy) Atkins of the Grenadiers. Hence a "tommy".

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Cockney rhyming slang for male masturbation. ie. "Tommy Tank" = "Wank". Named after the british children's television program, "Thomas The Tank Engine".

John is in the bathroom having a "tommy".

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"tommy" or pulling a "tommy" not having a job Someone who speaks of having a job and you have no idea what type of job they have or if they even have one. It's to be assumed that they do not have any type of employment but want to come off as if they do.For example, the popular 90's sitcom "Martin" based on the comedy of Martin Lawrence. His best buddy Thomas "tommy" Strong was always told :"what job, now you know you ain't got no job man!"

Don't try to pull a "tommy" on us, you know you ain't got no job.

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A "tommy"- short for a "tommy tank" which is ryhming slang for a wank.

Can also be a tommy tit which obviously means to have a shit.

Sam:where have you been?

Tom: Just been for a "tommy".

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I believe the name tommy used for brits and americans by the germans and germans being refered to as Jeries. comes from the old cartoon Tom and Jerry, cat and mouse, tom the allies hunting down jerry the axis.

german soldier. "here comes a "tommy"

american soldiers. "lets get those jerries"

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