What is Abc?


Network established in 1943, after RCA sold "The Blue Network" to Edward Noble. Merged with United Paramount Theatres (offshoot of Paramount Pictures) in 1953. Merged with Capitol Cities Broadcasting in 1985 and with Disney in 1996.

"This is ABC--The American Broadcasting Company"


American Born Chinese

Man, he ain't azn, he's ABC.

See Bubba


Abbreviation for "American Born Chinese." Means a kid whose parents emigrated from China or Taiwan and are fobs.

The common connotation is of a person who speaks Chinese with an American accent, English with a Asian accent, and can't use chopsticks properly.

Most likely forced to pick up the piano or violin at a young age and/or sent to Chinese school. Often pressured to attain perfect SAT scores or straight A's in school.

Chinese person: *speaks perfect chinese*

ABC: how ma? ^^;;

Chinese person: Aya~ You are ABC.


ass-ball conector, this is self explanitory and synonymous to grundle or nifkin

i need to shave my ABC


Already Been Chewed - or American Broadcasting Company. Virtually the same thing.


American Broadcasting Company

What's on ABC tonight?


your ass ball conection

where your balls and ass hole meet your ABC

See ass, balls, nuts, butt, rectom


Abbreviation for Ass-Balls Connection.

1. Relating to the area between the anus and the testicles

2. Also referred to as Gooch

Guy: "I got kicked in the ABC by this jerk yesterday."

Guy 2: "The ABC? What is that?"

Guy: "You know, the fastest route from point Ass to point Balls."

See ass, balls, gooch, butt, anus


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