What is Abe-dini?


A sexual act where a man combines the Abe Lincoln and The Houdini. The male performs doggy style sex on a woman, and moments before sexual climax, he spits on the woman's back. Thinking all is well, the female turns around only to be bombarded with a tidal wave of spermage. The male, with the time previously had whilst woman was turning around, grabs a clump full of pubes and when the load reaches the woman's face, he throws the hair all over her as well. Thusly, the Abe-dini is born.

Yo Lance. I was at State and I was fucking the shit out of this hoe. And of course, I pulled it off man. I had a bag of dog hair I've been collecting. So when I spat on her back, I was locked and loaded. And in one swift motion, I Abe-dini'ed that bitch and ran out the room.

See the houdini


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