What is Abeer?


Abeer is an Arabic female name, holders of the name are usually, if not always, characterized as strong, beautiful, elegant, stunning, strikingly gorgeous, sensational, sexy, breathtaking, and fun with a great sense of humor.

Abeer is perfect, she’s fit for a pedestal.

It is just too easy to fall in love with Abeer, you can't help it.

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abeer is an arabic female name which means the smell of flowers ,

abeer is a nice girl


It means a geeky sort of person, usually a super geek

Dude...u'r such an abeer

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Abeer is a super-geek usually refered on tech boards

you're such an...abeer

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A hawt, sensaional, sexy female. Charisma galore.

"Hey amigo, you should get yourself an Abeer. She'll blow your mind and dick away."

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Its what you ask for when you are to drunk to seperate words

Guy 1: Howsit goin?

Guy 2: Pretty good

Guy 1: ithink that'll have abeer

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