Aberdeen, Washington

What is Aberdeen, Washington?


birth place and hometown of Kurt Cobain, late lead singer/guitarist/writer for the "alternative/grunge" band Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington.

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The town that Kurt Cobain WAS born in...is a next to Hoquiam, WA where so many mistaken folk attribute him as being born. There is no hospital in Hoquiam only in Aberdeen

He wasn't born in Hoquiam folks, get it right.

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The town where Kurt Cobain was born and also grew up in.

Kurt Cobain spent most of his childhood in Aberdeen, Washignton.


A small town on the coast of western Washington. It shares a border with the town of Hoquiam. Aberdeen has a small High School that rivals with the neighboring town's high school, Hoquiam High School, in fall of 2005 will be the 100th football game between the two schools.

The border of the two towns is Myrtle St.


The town where Kurt Cobain grew up, but wasn't born. (He was born in Hoquiam, silly.)

Kurt Cobain spent most of his childhood in Aberdeen, Washignton

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