What is A.b.i.?


Albanian Boys, Inc. Basically a gang of mostly young Albanians in NY, who fight endlessly with blacks & hispanics. A pretty loyal group, but they are usually quiet and stick to themselves; they dont start sh!t but they do pack heat. Taking over Columbus HS in the Bronx yeaaaah its true..

Just remember next time you see A.B.I. spray-painted on walls, written on public property, school bathroom stalls..etc.


Albanian Boys Incorporated. Albanian gang that originated in the Bronx. Members of the gang that no longer live in the Bronx move and start A.B.I somewhere else, like in Detroit. Members in ABI mind their own business but can be dangerously vicious if messed with.

I from the Bronx and I keep it real, A.B.I. for life in Detroit and Phoenix.

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An acronym for American-born Irish.

Usually applied to Irish-Americans who display excessive degrees of enthusiasm in

*their ancestry

*institutions dominated by other A.B.I.

*the influences other A.B.I. have had in American culture. .

In the tradition of the AZN and Italian-American Guidos, A.B.I. are definitely an Americanized social identity, but can still be considered “Irish” when compared to the rest of America. The working-class neighborhoods of Boston are probably the most renowned A.B.I. strongholds, but similar types of A.B.I. can be found throughout the United States.

They are stereotyped (truthfully, a lot of the time, ) as:

1) ignorant of Ireland’s actual history

2) intoxicated

3) violent

4) Blue-collar

5) Catholics

6) racists

7) IRA supporters

8) Cops (or, ironically, resentful of cops)

A.B.I.: “ The Departedis the most badass A.B.I. movie ever!!!”

Citizen of Ireland: You aren’t Irish.

A.B.I.: You’re right, I’m better. I’m Irish-American.

Citizen of Ireland: No, you’re just American.

A.B.I.: No, I’m better. I’m Irish-American.

Citizen of Ireland: Are you retarded? You’re not an Irish! You’re just an American poser!

A.B.I.: You’re not Irish!!! (breakis a bottle over the Irish citizen’s head, and runs away crying)

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