What is Aboff?


hot sexyy, usually a pimp like person

John:woow that girl is such aN Aboff

See hot, sexy, pimp, yo


Sam E. Aboff was the former superintendent of schools in Elizabeth, NJ for which a division of Elizabeth High School was named after. Students who attend Aboff belong to the special education population; A fucking retard.

Angel goes to Aboff. That mother fucker is aboff. Did you see how retarded that kid looked, he must go to Aboff.

See retard, moron, nimcompoop, idiot


Retarted, stupid, slow, idiots, Mentaly Handicap.

Bob: hey you know what?

Joe: what??

Bob: uhhhhhhh I don't know!

Joe: you freaking aboff...

See stupid, slow, idiot.


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