What is Aboriginal?


Australian natives. An ancient race of people that have spent the past 40, 000 years in isolation. Their isolation from the world has meant that they were oblivious to evolution, so when the English convicts arrived in the late 1700's they were confronted with a primitive race of people left over from the stone-age. Interesting culture, not that many people would know much about it because Australia tends to ignore them most of the time (possibly why they whinge a lot). The typical aboriginal has little pride in his/her appearance (often doesn’t even bother with shoes), is dependant on the Australian government for financial support and suffers from substance abuse. They feel no sense of shame in asking anybody on the street for a dollar. The majority are either unable or too lazy to maintain and take proper care of houses provided to them by the Australian government, and huge groups of them live together in squalor and filth. Aboriginal communities are notorious for alcohol abuse, paint sniffing and domestic violence. They also have malodorous body odour, leaving the unfortunate sufferers that surround them to assume that they don’t shower or use deodorant. As a race, if they had been left to continue their primitive existence alone (without European interference and domination) all of the problems they face in todays society would be non existent and their survival and life expectancy rates would be significantly higher. But obviously that didnt happen, so to be equal in all aspects to the rest of the Australian population they will need to assimilate and stop feeling sorry for themselves.

aboriginal: them whites, they tuk all me land..((sniff....))Bloody prime minister, He still aint said sorry!

aboriginal: Aye there brudda you got a dollar??

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One of the native peoples of Australia, the other being Torres Straight Islanders.

Before Europeans came to Australia there were hundreds of different tribes and languages. Many were killed and few traditional languages remain.

The Aborginials have been in Australia for 50,000 years.

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Referring to the native peoples of any land, though popular usage usually refers to the native people of Australia.

The word is derived from the latin phrase "Ab Origene," literally meaning "from the origin."

A person of aboriginal descent is an aborigene, or an "abo" if you like.

Yank: My aussie friend here tells me this aboriginal instrument is made from the branch of a hollow tree!

Lecturer: The aboriginals of the Americas are often referred to as "Indians," because the first European explorers mistakenly believed they had arrived in the Indies.

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native inhabitants of Australia, Aborigines have a quite uncouth and foul appearance and an unbeleivably bad personality, they tend to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and they use various drugs such as cocaine for thier own "benefit" thier welfare money they spend on cigarettes and alcohol, if any shop keeper would let them in, have an odour that would knock out a white man in a matter of seconds, they use slang such as "bra" "cunt" and some typical abo greetings such as "what cunt?" "f*ck you bra" "what bra?" it is no wonder they lost to the settlers in the first place

Little white kid (talks to Father) "whats that brown thing in the toilet?

Father "its an aboriginal, son"

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Aboriginal:/noun/ The so called "first"Australians, these people are proud of thier title as "the first Australians" claiming to have tamed mother nature and used her to create landmarks such as Uluru/Ayers rock which has no Aboriginal significance at all, Aborigines claim that Australia was thiers, and that they owned the country, they insist that they were mistreated and they constantly whinge and demand compensation and an apologyy from the prime minister, they did however received compensation such as government funds and welfare money from Tax Payers mind you, which they spend on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes or other useless damaging items, earlier last year when Kevin Rudd succeeded John Howard in his postion to be prime minister, he apologised in what was thought as a "half assed" way to the Aboriginal community, basically he just said "sorry" and yet the Aboriginal community continues to vandalise and terrorise and people turn a blind eye, many complaints about Aboriginals have been lodged to the department of housing, now the Aboriginals inhabit many of the Western suburbs

Aboriginal "when i grow up i wanna be the cunt who leads Australia"

Aboriginal friend " ya mean prime minister?"

Aboriginal "na bra, i wanna be a pimp"

Example no.2 (Typical Aboriginal conversation)

Aboriginal "what ya cunt?"

Aboriginal friend "eh bradda"

Aboriginal " i'lll f*cken smash ya cunt"

Aboriginal friend "eh bradda"

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The first inhabitants of America, (or any region for that matter). Aboriginal Americans are often mis-labeled "Native Americans".

By definition, any person born in America is a Native American. The Aboriginals however, AKA American Indians, were here first.

Of all the Native Americans in the U.S. the Aboriginals have been here the longest.

Indian-Gaming has been a large source of funding for the educational system of the Aboriginal American population.

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a stinky brown person who claims to be the first person to live in Australia about 50 000 years ago

a person with brownish coloured skin an ugly mole-like appearance a very bad personality and some sort of abo aura radiating from them

a person who uses government welfare money for drugs, alcohol,abo porn,toilet paper and many other things

aboriginal:'mr Howard bra give us our land'

John Howard:' go back to Uluru you stinky abo'

aboriginal:' eh come on i need a dolar to shave me pubes'

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