Ac Dec

What is Ac Dec?


Composed of 10 high schoolers (3 A's, 3 B's, 3 C's) who study their asses off all year to compete through extremely difficult and detailed testing. There are 10 subjects 7 objectives (just the facts) - Art, Music, Economics, Math, Language and Literature, Social Science/Science (depends on SQ topic), Super Quiz, and 3 subjectives- Essay, Speech (composed of 1 impromptu speech and 1 prepared speech), and Interview.

80% of the kids in the class consider it a blow off class, and the other 20% work super hard until the team is decided. An awesomley difficult program, provides some kick ass scholarship money and is great for brownie points and is also great for study and memorization skills.

Oh, and btw, if your team is in Texas you may as well kiss ur asses goodbye bcuz NeW CaNeY dominates!!!! 2nd in State baby yeeeeaaaayyyyaaaa!!!!! (unless ur from Seven Lakes. And if you are I hate you. Not really. U guys were pretty cool. Friendswood are the sore losers)

Man those New Caney kids really worked their asses off in acdec! And that coach Mr.Moore sure is a hard ass! -Ac dec

Friendswood sure took that 3rd place hard, considering nEw cAnEy won 2nd in state and beat them for the first time eva in that acdec competition! Too bad they wont be in the same division next year, and wont be competiing against NeW cAnEy!


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