What is Access?


devil spawn, son of Satan. Produced my Microsoft.

Fucking hell, i'm going to put my fist through my laptop if i ever have to use access again.


getting into somewhere.. clubs.. or pants.. that sorta thing

you have vip acess ;)

See Joey


to have entry to a particular person, place or thing.

1. Greg accessed John's butt.

2. John recieved access to Disney Land.

3. Carmin accessed Greg's bank account.


To be either firm or slack in the vagina or anus

The Bitch was mega, such easy ACCESS

She was crap, it was like fucking a mushroom


Where you cut through the bottom of your pockets so you can get at your baz a' richie and roll them around while still keeping unsuspecting polite company.

Boss: "We need to increase production by at least 5%, does anyone have any suggestions?"


Boss: "Anyone?"


Boss: "Dave, how about you?"

Dave: "What? Sorry, what was the question? I was playing with my balls."

See Dave


90s Japanese, WHAM!-esque pop band. Headed by Hiroyuki Takami, and grooves provided by Daisuke Asakura.

I would rather listen to Access than have sex.


(computers) to use

I accessed bob's laptop, which allowed me to access the database with all the slang words in it.


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