Acid Casualty

What is Acid Casualty?


"Acid Casualty" is a named applied to those who, post-LSD (just once, or lots of times) become sufficiently detached from the world they being acting different to the extent that they appear insane, or at least extremely eccentric to other people.

"Man, look at that topless old man climbing that lamp-post. I think he's got anti-war slogans on his back"

"Yeah, just another Acid Casualty."

See insanity, mental, hippy, lsd, nutter


Someone who has done Acid so many times that their brain has been damaged to a point of no return.

Ozzy Osbourne is a perfect example.


someone who's mind is fried because they've taken way too many hits of acid (" lsd")

President Bush is only slightly brighter than an acid casualty


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