Acid Rape

What is Acid Rape?


Acid Rape is a new genre of music which is more hardcore than any other genre. It has been compared by critics to Chewbacca raping a six year-old. Example bands of this are:

-Liquid Deathsex

-Gripping Power Shite

-Anti-Semitic Rock

-The Devils Cum

-Volcanic Jizz Tornado

-Fascist Killdeath Post-Apocalyptic Metal Squadron

-Raging Anal Thunder.

The inventors claim that "you aren't acid rape" unless you comply by these regulations:

-your band must be on fire for the duration of the performance

-the only vocals can be the noise produced when pouring concentrated nitric acid on the tonsils of orphaned nuns while they are asleep

-no clothes are allowed at the gig

-at least seven people have to die per song.

The inventor goes by the pseudonym of "Ringsting McDrilldo" which he claims was given to him while he was burning a catholic orphanage in Lithuania

"dude, liquid deathsex are the best acid rape band ever!"

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