Acme Pad Turd Bomber

What is Acme Pad Turd Bomber?


A game consisting of throwing 1 or 2 used (or unused) acme pads in the toilet and attempting to sink them to the bottom of the bowl by shitting on them. Aiming is allowed, and after a few tries you should begin to learn important butthole bombing skills. Though you can not use your hands or foreign objects to reposition the pads you are allow to create a current to move them by pissing on the inside of the bowl. This method is often difficult for women, if women actually play this game at all. Each sinked pad is worth 50 points and a major pride boost.

Guy 1: Guess what?!

Guy 2: What?

Guy 1: I was playing Acme Pad Turd Bomber (APTB) earlier and I

lodged a pad between two pieces of shit!

Guy 2: Thats so awesome! Did you take a picture?

Guy 1: I was so proud I left it! Quick, lets go see it before

someone flushes it!

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