What is Acronumb?


Acronumb: (adj.) to be thoroughly put off of a conversation due to its acronym content. The state of being so bored by a conversation that you could not understand, even with a dictionary and a geek translator.

(v) to be put off of a conversation inundated with the use of highly technical acronyms and jargon.

Dude, I was standing in line and these two Computer Science guys started talking...within three minutes, I was acronumbed.

Oh man, I was reading this military website, and I had to wrap my head around how they acronymize the end of the first page, I was acronumb. Too much acronymonics is just not a good thing if you are trying to entice kids to join the armed forces, they might develop acronymphobia.

I am always amazed at the way that your socially awkward cousin manages to be so damn acronymious, even at a party! I mean, a girl even tried to talk to him and he made her acronumb! What a geek!

Will you stop being so damn acronymatic? There are cool people here, and you are going to make them acronumb.

See geek speak, 1337, acronym, acronym whore


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