What is Active?


Something pertaining to something else that is cool...

That shit is Active.

See Kenny


originated in pasadena by niggaz who like replacing cool or tight with active

Damn nigga this party is active!!!

See fresh, tight, cool, active, pimpin

3. sexually) 3.lively

1.That party was active!

2. Yo, that cutie Tasha is active!


the act of intercourse. originated out of LB, California to have the ability to be said to offer or request the act, not only to speak of it.

When asking a potential partner, you could say, "SO.. you trying to get active?" *smiles*

See sexual, hook up, sex, active


Adj. - Engaged in sexual action. Used to describe an extremely sexually active female.

Dude 1: "You think anyone's having sex with Miley Cyrus?"

Dude 2: "Hell yeah, she's so active!"

See promiscuous, slutty, whorish, wanton, vigorous


a type of guitar/bass pickup powered by a 9volt battery which is used in difference than a normal passive pickup to get a different distinguished tone out of your instrument. some passive pickup fans have classified the active pickup as sounding fake and crappy.

John's battery in his active bass was low in voltage and a distorition started to come out of his sound.

See bass, guitar, tone, sound, music


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