Addanac City

What is Addanac City?


A web-comic by George Ford. By it's creator, it is compared to "Calvin and Hobbes". By everyone else, it is compared to the comics they used to draw back in elementary school.

Although none of the actual strips are funny, the whole comic is thought of as a joke by many comic strip fans, who read and enjoy good strips. The only "fans" of this strip are other cartoonists, who are just trying to promote their own comic.

Group of friends talking:

Person 1 - Dude, did you read the new Good in Theory comic?

Person 2 - Hell yeah! It was great! How about today's PvP?

Person 1 - Oh, definitely. That Panda War stuff was awesome.

Person 3 - Oh, but not as funny as Addanac City! I love that comic!

*awkward silence*

See cartoon, lame


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