What is Addidas?


Athletic shoes: frequently seen misspelling of adidas.

I just got a new pair of addidas shelltoes.

See Charlie


Pot. If youve ever stared at the addidas logo long enough, it's undeniable, it looks like a marijuana leaf in a way.

Hey you, can you hook a sister up with some addidas?


This clothing line was made famous by the most popular hip hop group RUN DMC.Now like Sean John it has been DEGRADED,SHITTED ON,SPITTED on.Addidas was once famous and beatiful.Now i am in utter discust that this group of fearsome "Kaj Nazarz" (armoz) have worn the same piece of "Addidas" for centuries.They have turned soccer warumps into a fasion..God knows what this group of i guess you can call them people will demoralize next.

I am to disgusted to give an example sorry...


crips slang for bklood killa

a cuzzin addidas


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