What is Addison?


Verb. Being amazingly Black. Usually they repthe Westsideall day.

Holy Shit that guy is sooo Addison! He even flashed a gang sign

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A real black man usually associated with gangs. Addisons have a number of friends but few actually like him because of him being loud and annoying

Damn that nigger was an Addison

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The definition of pure pwnageness, otherwise known as teh_pwnerer, as they pwn n00bs, like michael for example.

Bob: Hey, did you see that guy who walked past, that was so addison!

Sally: yeah, did you see that micro? whew, that was so pwnage! Compared to gay michael

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A very rather amazingly blowjob. Is the best blowjob you will have in your life.

("Oh my god i just got the best Addison")

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The male result of a Catholic priest having babies.

Addison came about as a result of a purely rubbish experience.

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