What is Adidas?


n. (1) a classic hip-hop shoe made popular by B-boys and MC's like Run-DMC. Not only rocked by rappers, it's also a rockstar shoe. Some famous artists that sport these shoes and sportware include Run-DMC, Ludacris, Bad Brains, Chino Moreno, Bob Marley and too many fuckin others to name.

(2) All Day I Dream About Sex, a song by Korn. Also a type of fashion style and lifestyle where you got the hip-hop wear, know rap and hip-hop, but then also know how to rock out hardcore like a rockstar when you need to.

(1)"You stepped on my adidas, muthafucka!"

(2)"That Adidas style ain't so bad. Made famous by mostly whites, but still fuckin ill as shit"


German sportswear companu founded by Adolf (ADI) Dassler (DAS) (1900-1978). Early pioneer of football (or soccer, whatever you want to call it) shoes for the field. It lead the world in post-war years up until the seventies. Unlike Nike, it was not created for street wear and is not known as a poser brand. Charactorised by "the three stripes".

All day I dream about sex is not German, you dickheads.

See Gumba Gumba


Popular shoe and apparel company founded in Europe. Now competes directly with Nike in the United States (Official NFL and NBA supplier) now that it bought out Reebok.

Pronunciations vary depending on where you live:

Urban... A-Dee-Daz

Suburban... Uh-Dee-Dus

Yo man, let me git those A-Dee-Daz (Adidas) in a 10.

Excuse me, sir, I'd like to try on that pair of Uh-Dee-Dus (Adidas) in a size 10, please.

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1. A Korn song; the acronym means: "All Day I Dream About Sex." It is, obviously, a sex song.

2. A brand of apparel, created by Adolf Dassler, obviously. It is not "gangster" clothing, you fucking shitheads, as it was created by a German. It does NOT mean, "All Day I Dream About Sports" or "... Shoes"

1. Honestly, somehow it always seems that I'm dreaming of

something I can never be.

It dosen't bother me, 'cause I will always be that pimp I see

in all of my fantasies.

I don't know your fucking name, so what? Let's...

Yep, ADIDAS is that cool.

2. You stupid "thugs," remove your heads from your asses and realize you're a bunch of retarded ignoramouses, and stop claiming everything you wear is "gangster." While you're at it, come out of the closet.

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Shoes worn by Run DMC. The brand with the 3 stripes. Very classic hip-hop shoes. (also pronounced ah-dee-das)

JMJ wore old school Adidas.


All day i dream about sex


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Sexy sports clothing very comfortable and very famous nearly everyone has or has had some sort of adidas clothing if not then I suggest you get some

Adidas gear looks so sexy and bad ass

I got the latest adidas shoes they're wicked

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