What is Afb?


Attack from behind. A pulling technique to be used in nightclubs. Approach you female target from behind and start sleasing all over her before she's even seen you. There are two variations:

UAFB - Univited attack from behind as described above.

IAFB - The girl first indicates that your advances are welcome/backs into you.

I just had an excellent AFB. She was a bit of a fat minger though.


AFB stands for "Away From Brain".

A typically AFB person is a person who acts just plainly brainlessly..AFB at first derived from the expression "afk", but "afb" stood firstly for a person , who wasn't afk, but acted just as retardedly as if he/she would've been it.

The AFB expression is used by 1337 speakers, who applies their 1337 speaking abilities to their everyday 1337'ish lifes.

T4RZ4N - Huååmfg!1!1! That oldz0id womanl0id is totally AFB't0id!!

PH1R3 - Like yeah? TOTALLY!

See afk, away, moron, idiot, retard


The most recent definition:

Acronym for A Fabulosexual Brother. A brotherhood consisted of members such as ksj and jyk.

Whassup, mah AFB?!?!


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