After Shock

What is After Shock?


Post-testicular pain after you think the worst pain has passed.

After being mildly kicked in the balls, you think to yourself, "That wasn't as bad as it could've been!" Then you get hit by an after shock.

John: Ok *cough cough* I'm gonna be OK... wait... oh god...

Frank: What dude?

John: *cough* After shock!

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Alcoholic beverage; similar alcohol content to vodka but flavoured.

"Wayhay, on the after shock and now I can't see what colour my shoes are"

See brendan


The next evolution of the "Shocker" (two in the pink, one in the stink). Two fingers are inserted into the vagina and two fingers are inserted into anus, giving the unsuspecting woman an additional shock after the Shocker has been given

I gave Michele the Shocker last night, she slapped me for it, then I gave her the After Shock and I got slapped again.

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When you mysteriously piss your pants after taking a piss and covering up. Usually happens in small amounts.

"Oh shit, I just had after shock."

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