What is Aggie?


Nickname for a student at, or former student of, Texas A&M University, or one of the other associated schools.

Derived from the Ag of Agricultural & Mechanical commonly associated with universities established under the Morrill Act of July 2, 1862.

There were 20,229 Texas Aggies who served in World War II. Of these, 14,123 Aggies served as officers, more than any other school, including the combined totals of United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy.


A mascot shared by many great agricultural colleges across the country. Notably Utah State University, Texas A & M and New Mexico State University.

These schools each have roots in agricultural science and have therefore adopted the Aggie as their athletic mascot. What an Aggie is varies depending on the school. Texas A & M has a Collie dog named Reveille as it's mascot. Utah State University uses a bull which they call Big Blue. New Mexico State has a cowboy named Pistol Pete.

People know that if someone is an Aggie from Utah State, they are likely loud and crazy at basketball games.

An Aggie from Texas A&M probably knows a thing or two about massive bonfires.

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A student or former student at the best college in Texas, Texas A&M. Well known for its traditions and friendly campus.

Aggies are going to Beat the Hell Outta tu (that other school in austin) this year.


1. agricultural

2. a student of an agricultural collage training program (such as a student of Texas A&M

Around there you always run in one aggie after another.

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A hick that goes to Texas A&M University. The school traditions are associated with the practices of David Koresh cult. The mascot of the University is a shelty, a dog associated with gay and lesbian people.

Son: Hey Momma I want to be an aggie?

Mom: Great, Daddy is waiting in the back room.

Daddy: Hea hea hea!!

Son: Daddy this feels better than the sheep

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A superior individual, with a marked aptitude in athletics and academics. Well versed in a number of activities, ranging from drinking and dominating a particular team from austin to excelling in life after college. These individuals are known for beating t.u. on a regular basis

"Dude, how can you tell he's an Aggie?"

"He's driving a Ferrari, has two supermodels, and lives in a 20,000 sq ft house, all while maintaining a friendly attitude"

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A spirited group that is stocked full of traditions and family bonds. An angel on earth!

Mommy, when I grow up I want to be an Aggie


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