What is Aggressively Unattractive?


Typically applies to a certain class of the female sex. To reach the classification, one must be equally repulsive in the physical and social forum. The person must not be shy about their appearance, but rather impose on you the constant nagging and embarrassment associated from knowing them, even if only at face value. Typically Aggressively Unattractive girls are nocturnal, and thus can be found at almost any bar scrapping for leftovers. When they don't get their way, either with guys or girl friends, their Aggressive Unattractiveness reaches its peak and ruins the time for everyone in proximate vicinity

Although the definition of Aggressively Unattractive is immense and fact specific, 1 example with suffice

The fat obnoxious girl at the bar who repulses you when you see her, and furthers this emotion after she later spills her drink on your foot. She is miserable looking and an overall terrible person who brings people down, the result? Aggressively Unattractive.

See insult, aggressive, fat, bitch, girl


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