What is Aggrofag?


1. n. - homosexual that makes aggressive advances towards someone regardless of that target's ambivalence or differeing orientation

2. n. - any homosexual that goes out of their way to let all heterosexual, bisexual, and opposite-sex-homosexuals within earshot know their disdain for their sexual orientation; usually through shreikings of the term "breeders", "fakers", and "dirty vadges/oppressive members", respectively

1. a. That aggrofag doesn't get the hint even after ignoring his ass all night.

b. That aggrofag knows I'm not gay but he kept inching in to lick my ear.

2. a. "Fucking aggrofags won't sthuruining my day at the parade with my wife and newborn. It's a stroller, yes it gets in the way but if they weren't all lubed up on poppers and candy they might be on the same metabolic time scale as the rest of the world and show us some respect by getting the fuck out of the way instead of going into a fit of facial paroxysm and spilling their can of Ensure on my wife's tits."

b. Those aggrofags have been hitting me pretty hard lately, what with my period on and all...if I hear one more snarky utterance of "corned beef sammiches" from someone in the cupric fumes of my wake I am castrating, iite?

See hard, up, for, love


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