What is Agility?


Agility is used in Diablo and other games, it is usually ascociated with stats and abilities. Agility it'self actually means to be agile and agile means to be quick or fast, probably for running fast and dodging attacks thrown at you.

1 Agility increased by 2, you can run faster.

2 Wow, that thing was Agile!

See agile


its somin thats fuckin fast!

damn! that bitch has some agility!

See Josh


A stat in World of Warcraft especially important to hunters OR Sylvis.

Man, that's a total agility ring.

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The grandmaster pimp daddy of cheese and all things cheddary. Loves to invent new styles of music such as " Slutcore" and "FuckYouCore."

Dude, Agility is such a fucking cheeser, let's listen to some slutcore!


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