What is Agiwt?


A Girl I Wouldn't Touch. Take all of the first letters out of A Girl I Wouldn't Touch. The first letters of each word equal AGIWT. It means just what it says. A Girl I Wouldn't Touch. A girl that is gross, nasty, a skank, whore, slut, homewrecker, smells bad, horrible hygiene, has a big mouth, a gossiper, or just straight up annoying. You pronounce it more like hag witt but do not pronounce the h in hag. Say it fast for better effect.

M: OMFG, Nita slept with my ex Kelly, slept with my ex Sam, slept with my best friend JB, got in between my best friend and her GF, and then got pregnant by some guy, gave the baby up and claims she never had a baby!

J:Wow, she sounds like such an AGIWT!

M:I would't touch her with a ten foot pole even if someone paid me $1,000,000.00. OMFGshe is the epitomy of an AGIWT.

J:I don't think anyone would touch her except Sam. That bitch is desperate. She makes me gag when I think about her.

M:How sad. *chuckles*

See skank, whore, slut, dyke, dike, butch, smelly, gross, nasty, skeet, stanky, fat, obese, wide load, train wreck, chunky, mexican, wet back


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