What is Agnostisexual?


A person who has sexual drive and the inclination to find love and sexual gratification, yet is entirely perplexed by the sea of sexual opportunities available to them, or is otherwise non-committal to their sexual identity.

Often functionally asexual or mistaken as bisexual, an agnostisexual isn't strictly speaking either. Unlike the Asexual, the agnostisexual is capable of experiencing sexual attraction and not repulsed, though many asexuals may simply not achieve sexual encounters because their conflict prevents them from doing so. Unlike the Bisexual, the agnostisexual isn't certain that they are attracted to both sexes, they're just open to the possibility that they could be.

Agnostisexuality may be the result of an adverse reaction to a individual's true sexuality (such as the 'gay-man in denial' scenario). It may also be the result of an individual's inability to discern the meanings of certain feelings that result from reactions with other people. Alternatively, the agnostisexual may simply have other problems that make exploring the sexuality problematic or secondary. A classic example of this later scenario would be the transgendered individual who has especial difficulty defining their sexual orientation to themself and to others because the gender stand-point they hold is itself wavering and complicated.

Agnostisexuals may chose celibacy as a result of their internal conflict, or they may alternatively go from partner to partner looking for 'the answer'. Like religious agnostics, sexual agnostics are always aware that they are NOT aware of this answer. For many, agnostisexuality is a transitionary phase between the more stable orientations of a-, bi-, hetero- and homosexuality.

Alex, unwilling or unable to admit that she was attracted to Zoe despite their intimacy was jokingly referred to as 'agnostisexual Alex' by her co-workers.

See agnostic, asexual, bisexual, closeted, denial, in denial, sexuality


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