What is Agon?


a word that is often use as an excuse for a situation, esp. a difficult one.

Agon 'bout that, didn't know you were waitin'.

See sorry, apology, apologize, about, mean


1. A guy (or girl) who sleeps with random women and their mothers (simultaneously). An agon often gets called back to the womans house several times, owing to his/her ability to sustain an erection long enough to staisfy both women

2. What you call a man that loves potand turdand smoking deer antlers

3. A coat rack

1. Sam: "Kevin's such an agon. Last week he got with his ex and her mum.. at the same time!"

Jase: "I wish I was a agon!"

Sam: "Me too."

2. I love smoking pot and deer antlers while on the can

3. Just chuck your coats onto my agon biatches

See agon, rack, boner, man, woman, simultaneous, antlers, turd, coatrack


to cause or be in extreme pain or agony; to hurt

My shoulder agons every time I try to write.

Molly agoned to much after Dave left her last week.

See pain, agony, hurt, turmoil


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