What is Agoura?


also known as the bubble. Once you move here you never leave. It's very small area that is safe and clean.

off the 101 freeway in L.A. county. Agoura is home of the chargers

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one of the WORST cities in the united states. Agoura is in the midst of poverty. the area is trying to compete with the rest of the san fernando valley such as the westlake and rich calabasas areas but cannot. the city is broken down and abandoned. It often reminds people of hickville red necks. the town is composed of horses, cows, farms, and a broken down school. the people are very rude and are very bitter toward people who have more money than them. i feel so bad i have to live in agoura!

AGOURIAN: howdy yall!

BEVERLY HILLS DUDE: hey, you must be from agoura!


BEVERLY HILLS DUDE: its the missing teeth and the accent. im sorry you have to live in such a horrible place.

See agoura, westlake, ahs, calabasas, chs, cali, hick, red neck, poor, beat, broke down, horrible, hickville, horses, cow town


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