Agree To Disagree

What is Agree To Disagree?


to agree to discuss something, but retain one's opinions

I have not decided anything accept that I agree to disagree.


What someone says when they want to end an argument, essentiallyconcluding that both partiesthink they are right and that they will get nowhere in arguing.

Guy: It doesn't matter what a judge's background or opinionis when he/she is making a decision.

Girl: But what they believe has a huge effect on the verdict; nothing is objective!

Guy: But to be a judge you must be impartial.

Girl: Aaaah, you just don't get it.

Guy: Can't we just agree to disagree? This argument is really petty. We both seem to be set in our argument.

See argument, petty, useless, fighting, bickering


When to people attempt to, but cannot reach common ground and agree that there can be no agreement between them.

Kid 1: Mom and dad had a big argument yesterday

Kid 2: What happened?

Kid 1: Mom wanted to go to Olive Garden for some alone time with dad, but the NBA championships were on, it was 4th quarter in game 6 of the Bulls-Celtics series. Dad promised to go later, but mom insisted on going now. After 10 minutes of bickering, they ordered me to my room. I could still hear them cursing though

Kid 2: So what happened?

Kid 1: They agree to disagree. Mom went to olive garden with some of her friends and dad stayed home and watched the game.

Kid 2: Was it worth it?

Kid 1: I guess, the bulls won by one point in OT and mom came home full with a smile

See arguement, problems, issues


To disagree, with the significant stipulation that the speaker will not attempt to change their mind of the listener.

On that point, we agree to disagree.

See evasion, ambiguity, truce


1) verb: When multiple parties accord that they have/will not reconcile(d) a dispute.

2) verb: What many slangdefine users have done in reference to another user's definition of 'agree to disagree'.

1) If people with leftist views agree to disagree with the views of right-wingers, and vice versa, I'm not too sure they will have anything to talk about.

2) 954 thumbs up to 3669 down?? I'd say that most people will agree to disagree with Calvin the Great, wouldn't you?

See pwn, to


When two people hold strongly to opposite beliefs but choose to remain friendly with each other in spite of their differences. Let's face it... no two people agree about everything, so sometimes you just gotta give a little.

Joe: I think John McCain is a blithering idiot.

Bob: Well I think Obama might be the anti-christ.

Joe: Well, let's just agree to disagree. Wanna do lunch?

Bob: Sure thing, old buddy! How about "The Greasy Spoon Diner"... I love that place!

Joe: Seriously??? I think their food SUCKS!

Bob: Ahem! Here we go again!

See compromise, opinions, friends


when you've been arguing, get nowhere and no-one yields their view, and you don't want to waste any more time..

'Dylan's lyrics are the greatest..'

'You mean Leonard Cohen's ?...'

'Oh we've been there before.. let's agree to disagree, and go get a Cokesi..'

See compromise, resolve, waste of time


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