What is Agriff?


a little half japanese half american SOPHMORE who wishes/thinks shes a senior. She gets pissed if any of the other senior guys talk to anyone outside of "slackk" and thinks she owns everyone and everything. Really shes the bigest bitch and thinks it makes her cool when really everyone hates her. Shes excited to go to prom when ppl really wanted to start a petition saying she couldnt go. Her "boyfriend" is the biggest tool you'll ever meet and is basically her little bitch. She loves to cause drama bc her life so boring she has nothing better to do. She loves this one senior girl caroline when she thinks audreys the most annoyingest person and thinks shes stalking her.

AG: i need to get a job man!

C: yeah i have a job at the tanning place


C: audrey?

AG: hehe yayy we're working together now doesnt that make me the shit?!


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