Agro Cerebral

What is Agro Cerebral?


Agro Cerebral refers to a genera. Usually relating to music, but other things in life can also fit into this genera. Agro refers to aggressiveness or anger and Cerebral refers to higher functioning and cognition. When placed together it creates a genera that includes anything that is aggressive/angry yet also intelligent or well thought out. Most anything that makes a significant change in the world could be considered agro cerebral.

EX 1: Rage Against the Machine, Black Flag, Common, The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, Tupac, Anti-Flag etc..

EX 2: Bill Maher totally rocked organized religion in his agro cerebral documentary Religulous.

EX 3:

Person 1: "Scott really freaked out in lecture today about women's rights..."

Person 2: "Yeah, Scott's been really agro cerebral since he started studying feminist history."

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