What is Aguardiente?


An clear alcoholic drink that looks like vodka, but tastes so much better. It made in Colombia, and means "sizzling or fire water".

Aguardiente antioquenio or nectar are the best ones!

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Aguardiente is the best alcoholink drink ever created on earth . it is originated from colombia. its name means strong water. it is the best and taste like the best

aguardiente de nectar.

See agua, alcohol


An imported, clear alcohol that either comes from a squat bottle, or from foil-lined leakproof boxes. Coming directly from Columbia, it's literal translation is 'FireWater', and is made from pure cane rather than refined sugar. In the box, the longer it sits, the more potent it becomes. It is the smoothest, sweetest best alcohol in existance.

At a 4th of July party, with some friends in Miami, FL, enough shots of aguardiente will make bottlerockets shot from your hand seem like a good idea...but it's -never- a good idea.

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