Ah! Tur

What is Ah! Tur?


An exclamatory statement or comment, often made in agreement or acknowledgment with what is said in a conversation.

"AH!" meaning, "Oh, I see".

"tur" meaning, "true". The origins of "tur" were based on a typo of the latter word, "true".

"AH! tur" is one of the last few words that has gained massive appeal and attraction on Audiogalaxy; mainly on the Metallica board. XAgent, Mega Metal and Yuval (all supporters and creators of the word) are still among the most who use this word in a higher frequency of postings.

XAgent: Hey Mega, wassup?

Mega: same shit

XAgent: AH! tur

"AH! tur(d)"

Moi tout simplement says (2:35 PM):

hey, i saw a porn movie with a horse!

LiQuiD FuSioN says (2:36 PM):

wow, did the girl have problems?

Moi tout simplement says (2:36 PM):


Moi tout simplement says (2:36 PM):


See ah, tur, audiogalaxy, metallica, mega, xagent


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