What is Ahbeng?


Ahbeng to me is something like...

Those dudes with gold hair but the color faded.. So is gold + black ( which is simply ugly ).. wearing fake cheap t-shirt.. where it's writing " body glove " "nike" "addidas" but obviously is a fake!... they wear jeans... which can be table cloth for some reason they wear it...

mostly jeans which is light in color.. MOST importantly they dont iron their clothes... ohyeah the hairstyle... they wanna follow the coolest hairstyle eg. j-rock... ( failed sadly ) or another type of ahbeng which have the most kanasai( shit-like) hairstyle.. Flat and 70's 80's like.. Most most Importantly they wear slipper!! those cheap cheap pasar malam ( night market ) slipper!...

And... a cheap fake leather slingbag ( place to keep their ahlong money ) which shorten and wear it in wraist length...

ahbeng is available in Malaysia...

ahbeng is for boys

while ahlian is for girls

which is also available in Malaysia

See ahbeng, malaysia, slipper, fake, leather bag


typically singaporean but also applicable to malaysians

referring to rice boys, try hards or people that generally without hygene and tries to spray CK perfumes to cover their odour.

the term origianated from the land of roti with lots of indians making rotis. it's still a common term as most singaporeans still think that they r the superior race over indians. sadly, they r often mistaken.

a stereotypical ahbeng can be spotted wearing lots of branded gear, with HUGE mofo of a logo on them, dyed hair that makes no sense and carries the "what-you-looking-at" and the "you-owe-me-money" look on their faces. their happy facial expressions can be depicted as "why-are-you-after-my-women" and range to "like-my-rice-mobile-and-ma-branded-gear". they travel with very robust and cheap cheap slippers to match their super expensive gear.

carries the latest mobiles and ugliest g/fs and thinks everyone is out to get their martins(chicks). and yes, they are sadly mistaken....

aiyo, check that ahbeng out man.

all singaporeans are ahbengs!

you dman ahbeng with those slippers man;


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