What is Ahh?


word used by highly intelligent people to replace a wide range of words and emotions





the noise you make after peeing!

`have you been yet'

`ahh, i have now'


A word often used to describe an emotion, such as anger, pleasure or shock. It is also widely used in ghost stories

AHH! I'm going to kill you!

Ahh! That feels so good =)


And the creature crept up to the man.. and everyone on the campsite heard a sudden "AHH!" coming from the tent on the far left.

See Kelly


a word used during and after sex when the party feel really good

Ahhhhh!!!! harder! harder! more more! almost there!!!


Ahhh!!! that was the best sex in my life

See Amara


When you feel goooood.

Ahh! That was great.


An expression of joy, accomplishment, victory and other uplifting thoughts. normally pronounced as 'au' It is often used to stir chaos when teachers are trying to control students. It can simply be uttered by itself, but it is moore common to say "everybody say Ahhhhh", and everyone within hearing distance must say Ahh in response. Ahh can be said short and ubruptly or can be drawn out and very loud, the current record is a 139db yell which lasted 16 minutes, the resulting uproar of the responders is said to have been felt from Allen, a school a few miles away, where the Ram fell down. most commonly heard from its birthplace; among students at a fascist prison camp cleverly diguised as a catholic school in Aggieland, Texas. The word was brought into this world by members of the senior class of 2008 during the second semester. only one teacher is allowed to say this, and he own a gas station, vouches for students and lets them be themselves.

-On the way back from some boring ass trip on the most ghetto-tastic school bus ever-

"everybody say Ahhhhhhh!!!"


'Ray! come to the front of the bus!'


'whoever says that again is getting wri..'

(everyone yells) AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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A sounds that represtents the uncontaining anger.

AHH, Get out of my room!!!

AHH, you spilt your drink all over my new sweater!!

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