What is Ahmed?


Ahmed is a popular Muslim name, but now is associated with Big Brother's Ahmed and the legendary song of A-H-M-E-D; i.e., A: Amazing, H: Hero, M: Mega or Magnificient, E: Easy and D: Delirious

The legend, the unique and Real Ahmed of Big Brother 5. BB Fans will always remember him.


Common Muslim name for males. Comes from a nickname for the Prophet Muhammad and means "praised one" in Arabic.

Also spelled Ahmad.

Starkecia: Yo dawg u hear about that fine boy Ahmed? He just owned us on that last bio test.

Charles Everton III: Fo shizzity?


An exotic blend of old holborn tobacco and high grade cannabis. Only avaliable from West Hendon. Usually smoked in a large joint.

Do you wanna roll some ahmed.

this Ahmed joint is the nicest i've ever had!

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one chill ass muthafucka. generally hates loud people, fake people, douchebags, and mostly 75 % of the us population. liked by all but can piss people off fast. a pacifist inside but can still kick yo ass if he tries.

alex: yo who the hell just won that award for outstanding awesomeness?

Kim: it was Ahmed of course, you ignorant prick!

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Ahmed or Muhammad is the false prophet of the muslims. He invented his own religion, Mohammedanism, when he realized that Christians and Jews would not accept his delirious dreams of being a prophet. A cut-throat, nasty terrorist, the inspiration of Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. A goat-smelling, camel-raping, pedophile.

Ahmed, peace be upon him, is the paradigmatic false prophet.

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It's the name of peace,it's also one of the name of Prophet Muhammad .. , Common Muslim name for males, it means in arabic ( the one who thanks god ) .. and it's a name of one of bahrain finest video gamer .. AHMED AL-NASHEET ..

Hey who's that man playin' winning eleven ? .. damn he is good .. !! ..

he's Ahmed , he's the best gamer ever ..

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the kinda person who u can make laugh easily u never get bord of using bad jokes on him

me: why did the man cross the road?


me:to get to the other side

ahmed:ha ha ha ha ha

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